Subject: Double Your Doors in 5 Minutes - Part 3

With everything we’ve done so far, your calendar is already starting to fill up like never before. But, what about the people who click through to your site who aren’t quite ready to hop on your calendar yet? 


The property management companies that drive traffic to their websites but only connect with the people who are ready to buy on the first click are leaving a lot of money on the table. 


Even if people love what they see when they first discover you, some people are going to want to learn more about what you have to offer before they’re ready to work with you. We want to stay in touch with these people even after they leave your website. 


Garden-variety web agencies will post your phone number and set up a contact form for you. But this doesn’t align with what property owners actually want. They aren’t ready to contact you yet. They are trying to discover if you’re a right fit for what they need.


We take a different approach and create a variety of lead magnets for you. A lead magnet is something interesting and valuable that we develop for your prospects in exchange for their email address. We’ll test a variety of lead magnets such as rental evaluation guides, top 10 lists, and even small educational courses. The idea is to give people something of genuine value so we can stay connected with them while they are in the decision making process. This is vastly superior to crossing your fingers and hoping they remember to come back to your website.


The big takeaway for today is that you’ll get far more doors by onboarding property owners who are ready now, without losing touch with the property owners who are interested, but not quite ready yet. 


If you’re not using lead magnets you are losing touch with over half your traffic. Not good.


If you want to know what we’re going to do with all these email addresses, I’ll see you in your inbox tomorrow.

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Joe Momoh

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